Kelly Dawson

Project Manager

Kelly Dawson is Project Manager of Soaring Education Services. She’s passionate about Christian education and has seen first-hand the impact it has on families.

Kelly Dawson

Kelly Dawson worked in the retail banking industry for 20 years in branch, client, and project management. She enjoyed the fast-paced, ever changing environment but felt called to stay home after the birth of her second child. 

She volunteers in various capacities for her church and her children's school.

Kelly is passionate about Christian education and has seen first-hand the impact it has had on her family. She is excited to be part of the Open Sky team's plan to launch a network of Christian microschools.

Kelly and her husband Adam have two children, Hailey and Turner. They are members of Christ Greenfield Lutheran Church in Gilbert, AZ


Ask us anything!

How much do your services cost?

Our services start as low as $350 for a coaching session. We are committed to ensuring our services are affordable and accessible for as many people as possible.

How do you deliver your services?

Our services are primarily delivered virtually. We use a coaching model, assigning an expert coach to each of our partners. Meeting virtually creates great flexibility while also keeping costs low.

How do we know which services will be most helpful?

Our experts will offer customized recommendations based on your unique context needs.

Do you work with groups not interested in Christian education?

Our focus now is on working with those interested in advancing Christian education.

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