Technology in the Classroom

Katie Nafzger
Katie Nafzger
November 2, 2023
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Christian Schooling

Options and opinions. That’s what you encounter when you consider implementing technology in the classroom. Lots of options, more every day, it seems. And lots of opinions. Some microschools cater to classical education methods, leaving computers and phones at the door. Other microschool models are designed entirely around remote instruction.  

Most fall somewhere in the middle. 


After the pandemic, many administrators have rightfully questioned the role of technology in the classroom. Some parents felt that virtual learning resulted in their children falling behind. It’s understandable when they are apprehensive toward innovative learning methods and suspicious of virtual instruction.  


They wonder, “Don’t lessons have a greater impact when they’re done in person?” 


There are, however, schools and a variety of curricula aimed at incorporating technology in a thoughtful way. Consider FaithPrep, Wittenberg Academy, Wilson Hill Academy, Great Hearts Nova, and Tapestry of Grace. Each provides a classical education merged with online learning. They’re demonstrating great impact through a virtual platform. 


Options and Opinions. At Soaring Education, we’re experts at navigating choices. We’re able to guide you through the variety of options and walk with you as you arrive at your own opinions. We’ll help you develop a compelling educational plan. If you're ready to leverage technology in your learning environment, contact us to set up a consultation. Our team is ready to connect you with ideas, vendors, and educational leaders.