Soaring Education Services Announces Expansion

Dr. Jack Preus
Dr. Jack Preus
July 10, 2023
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WAUKESHA, Wisc. - Soaring Education Services, a division of Open Sky Education, is announcing leadership promotions and the launch of two new divisions: Partner Services and Microschool Initiatives. Each of these divisions will work separately within Soaring Education Services, but ultimately serve to further each of Soaring Education Services' goals of supporting sustainable Christian schools and the growth of Christian Education in the United States. With this expansion, two new promotions are additionally being announced.

As part of this expansion, Soaring Education Services announced a recent promotion as the organization advances, naming Yesenia Fitzhugh as the new Director of Microschool Initiatives at Soaring Education Services. Fitzhugh continues at Soaring Education with more than 10 years of leadership experience, including a previous role at EAGLE College Prep Schools in Arizona as Regional Director of Operations.

“Soaring Education Services is working hard to advance Christian Education across the country. We are grateful to have Yesenia continuing her work with Soaring Education Services,”said Jack Preus, Executive Director of Soaring Education Services. “With her years of leadership experience in education, there is no one better fit for the position. I couldn’t be more excited about the team we have, the growth we are going through, and the progress we are making to further Christian Education.”

Soaring Education Services is also announcing the promotion of Preus from National Director to Executive Director. This change comes as Soaring Education Services continues to expand and grow, and will see Preus serving in a comprehensive leadership role at the head of the organization, including over the two new divisions being launched.

Continuing the excitement, Soaring Education Services has an available job opportunity for the Director of Partner Services and Operations. This position will lead and personally implement Soaring Education's internal operations, product development, customer service, and Character Project functions. We are looking for mission-aligned team members who share our vision for Christian education.


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The experts at Soaring Education Services provide customized planning for new or existing schools, using a facilitated process that includes project management school design, and operational planning. We provide coaching, tools, and materials needed for a successful school new launch or ongoing support. For more information on Soaring Education Services, visit our website.