Looking To Start A New School

Soaring Education Services provides simple, low-risk, affordable services to help design and build your school.

We are hearing from parents and church leaders across this country that they are interested in starting a Christian school, but they just don’t know where to begin.

That’s exactly why we started Soaring Education Services: to help parents and church leaders take action to create quality, Christian educational opportunities in their communities. 

That is our mission: to make Christian education affordable and accessible for all.

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What To Expect On Your Discovery Call?

Goal Assessment

Our team will work with you to determine your goals and how we can help you be successful.

Service Needs

After we learn your goals, we can assess what services are needed to complete your school's success.

Next Steps

At the end of our discovery call, we will work with you to determine the best next steps to help you create your school.

Dr. Jack Preus
"Our goal is to leverage creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to bring the Gospel to students in communities who do not currently have access to faith-based schools."
-Jack Preus

We Have an Easy Process To Help You Get Your Christian School Created

Discovery Call headphones

Discovery Call

Connect with the Soaring Education Services team on a free discovery call where they’ll help you explore your goals and identify the community you’d like to serve.

Custom Strategy Bishop Piece

Custom Strategy

The Soaring Education Services team will craft a custom strategy to help meet your goals.

Launching rocket

Design and Build Your School

The Soaring Education Services team brings the process, structure, and expertise needed to design and build your Christian school.

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